Ansmann Powerbank 15.8 QC3.0 15000mAh Type C

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ANSMANN Powerbank - the mobile energy filling station
Who does not know it: You are on bike tours, hikes, trips, longer flights or with friends and suddenly the battery indicator of the smartphone goes towards zero - far and wide there is no charging possibility in sight!
This problem is now a thing of the past, because the practical power bench from ANSMANN in elegant design is light, powerful and always at hand. Thanks to its compact design, the lightweight power storage can be stored in any jacket, trouser or handbag. Equipped with the USB to Micro-USB charging cable, the product is the ideal companion on the go. In addition to two USB ports, the ANSMANN Powerbank has an integrated Micro-USB port. Power is supplied to your smartphone and/or tablet via the USB ports via a charging cable. Via the Micro-USB connection the battery can be recharged comfortably at the PC or with a standard USB charger at the socket.

Power package for a wide variety of applications
With a charging capacity of 15000 mAh and an output power of maximum 3.000 mA (at 5 - 12V DC) the small power pack recharges mobile devices several times. The high-quality auxiliary battery in the stable housing is compatible for all usual USB devices such as Smartphones, Tablets, mobile telephones, MP3-Player, navigation devices and many further applications, which can be loaded over USB.

Multi-Safe Technology
The media warn again and again of cheap products that explode or start to burn without any warning. With ANSMANN you play it safe. The built-in overcharge protection ensures that the Powerbank automatically terminates the charging process after successful charging. The deep discharge protection switches the Powerbank off as soon as the voltage of the Powerbank drops below a certain value when charging a connected device, thus preventing damage to the battery and the product. The short-circuit protection rounds off the safety functions and ensures maximum safety in addition to the automatic switch-off.